Designed With the TPLO in Mind

Designed With the TPLO in Mind

The Universal TPLO plate design for the average dog.

  • Bone fragment compression is supported at a 30 degree angle.
  • There is no need to store left and right plates because of the symmetrical design. The Universal TPLO plate cuts that inventory expense
  • The limited contact design improves perios teal circulation.
  • The space saving design helps to place the plate against jig pins for more ideal posi tioning and better fitting on smaller fragments.
  • Easy to contour while still strong up to a giant canine breeds
  • The low glare surface improves visibility in the operating theater and in addition researchers believe the matte surface supports low infection rates, improves re-colonization of the plate by the tissue cells before bacterial colonization.
  • Available in 3 different sizes for 2.0, 2,7 and 3,5 mm screws
  • US Patent D700334 S1

Improving a Proven Design

The Universal TPLO plate was initially created to overcome some of the weaknesses of many other plates. Many others have a reverse configuration for the left and right leg which significantly impacts the economy of the procedure.

The Moon Shaped TPLO plates

This system is a proven design that has been tested in 3.5mm, 2.7mm, 2.0mm and 1.5mm for many years. increased strength with thicker plate design increased stability with 7 screw holes

  • takes very little contouring
  • designed with limited contact for better periosteal circulation
  • dynamic compression holes for increased bone compression
  • proper fit for large dogs

Refined Dimensioning

The specific shaping of the Universal Plate is the most innovative aspect of its design. A unique compact head geometry arms the surgeon with the versatility needed for rare and challenging cases.

  • Designed in
    California, USA
  • Made in

The Moon Shaped TPLO plates

The Sliding on
Pivot Locking Clamp System

Patendted Design

Pivot clamps provide an axis of freedom for screw placement. This also allows screws in opposing orientation to converge toward the bone’s central axis, increasing mechanical integrity.
Sliding clamps give you complete control, allowing surgeons to choose the optimal section of bone for screw insertion as well as distance between screws

2.0mm, 2.7mm, and 3.5mm screws pair with 2.0mm, 3.0mm, and 5.0mm rods for small, medium and giant breeds

Unparalleled Versatility & Stability

  • Contouring is easier, more stable, and more uniform
  • Symmetric cylindrical rod geometry distributes cyclic loading uniformly and reduces stress concentrations.
  • Avoid plugging unfilled screw holes, increase simplicity and stability.
  • Avoid using plugs before and after contouring for holes that will receive screws and never worry about deforming screw holes.
  • Locks with cost-effective AO cortical screws– no special equipment required.

Contouring is easier, more stable, and more uniform. 360⁰ contouring around the central axis

  • Compatible with standard rod bending equipment
  • High versatility with minimum inventory
  • German patent A61B 17/68
  • One design fits many factures
  • The locking mechanism achieves superior gripping strength from a metal on metal spring action interface that causes no permanent deformation
  • A limited contact to no contact bone/plate interface provides superb periosteal circulation
  • Achieve the perfect shape

SYSTEM 2000 battery powered surgical tool

The battery powered handpiece can drive a wide range of attachments, among others, TPLO saw, Oscillating saw, Sternum saw, Normal and Quick coupling drill, Canulated drill or Torque limiter.

Attachments can be assembled and disassembled very quickly and easily.

The main components are made of high-strength stainless steel.

360⁰ rotation

135 ⁰C autoclavable

SYSTEM 2000 battery powered surgical tool

The next level in versatility
The universal locking system

TPLO locking system screws

Custom screw choice

Use any screw with any plate

  • Increase strength when needed
  • Rescue stripped bone
  • Better accommodate comminuted fractures and small bone fragments
  • Better avoid joints, pins & fracture lines

Different core diameter, same head diameter

All ULS locking screws have equivalent head diameter and thus can be used with any locking plate. This permits the variation of multiple screw core diameters on a single plate while preserving full locking functionality.
Surgeons can choose to increase core diameter to maximize shear and bending strength when more bone is available as well as decrease core diameter to lock small bone fragments into place. Additionally, surgeons can now rescue stripped bone by increasing screw size.

Align bone & optimize compression

The ULS locking hole is also engineered to exhibit superior mechanical performance for stability with the application of AO cortical screws and AO cancellous screws.

This dynamic design flexibility allows surgeons to better control load distribution and alignment of fixation for locking systems by 'pulling' bone into place before securing position with locking screws.


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Animal Clinic of Nyíregyháza

The leading surgical center of north-eastern region of Hungary with a 24-people team including 10 veterinarians. In additional to general animal health care services the clinic is focused on traumatology, orthopedic and neurology disorders under the leadership of Dr. Pelle György, head of clinic. Dr Pelle has been developing, testing and distributing bone surgery implants and its instruments for more than 20 years while representing the Hungarian Medimetál and the American Veterinaryimplantsdirect companies. Our implants designed in the USA, made of German stainless steal (X2CrNiMo18-15-3) manufactured in Hungary. The clinic also distributes Neo-K9, a dog food supplement used in post-treatment of bone surgery.


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  • Shar-pei kutya EKSZ műtéti megoldása kis poliaxiális előhajlított lemezzel. R21 pengével vágva. A lemez két mikrofuratján keresztül vezetett 1,4-es K szeg segít időlegesen rögzíteni a lemezt a csonton, amíg a szögstabil csavarok a helyükre kerülnek.

    Shar-pei, cruciate ligament rupture surgery, TPLO with small pre-contoured polyaxial plate. Sawed with R21 blade. Temporary fixation with 1,4 mm K-wire through the plate’s micro hole, which helps untill the locking poliax screws are driven in.

  • 2,0 mm csavarok és mini SOP-LC bilincsekkel rögzített macska csigolya luxáció. egy oldalra felhelyezett 2-2 bilincs a szögstabil bilincsekből elegendő egy kevésbé traumatizálódott gerinc rögzítéséhez.

    Mini SOP-LC (for 2,0mm srews) were used for stabilisation of vertebral luxation and fracture in cat. Unilateral 2-2 locking clamps seems to be stable enough to stabilisation.

  • Politraumás eset: poliaxiális rendszer a megoldás. Multifunkcionális TPLO lemez(“sikoly”) alkalmazása medencetörések rögzítésére.

    ULS plate for femur fracture, and multipurpose symmetrical (TPLO plate) for the stabilisatiob of ileum.

  • Itt az ÚJ 2,4 mm-es poliaxiális szögstabil rendszer!

    Aki TPLO műtétet végez, biztos került már olyan helyzetbe, amikor a 2,0 mini lemez már túl kicsi, de a 2,7-es még nem fér fel?! Esetleg a 2,0-ás "sikoly" lemez el is tört az implantátum alulméretezése miatt???

    Ilyen méret tipikusan az R15-ös pengével végezett műtét, a westi, foxi és társaik (8-15ttkg). Ezekre a kihívásokra ad megoldást az új köztes méret, ráadásul "locking" kiviteleben, a poliaxialitás és a szögstabilitás minden előnyével!

    És nem csak TPLO-ra jó: pl. izületközeli radius törés, csípőoszlop törés , stb.

    Előrendelhető, további információ: office @ smartvetimplants . com

    Here's the NEW 2.4 mm polyaxial locking system! If you perform TPLO surgery, you were surely in a situation where the 2.0 mini tplo plate is too small, but the 2.7 can't fit yet?! The 2.0 "scream" symmetrical plate may have broken due to the implant undersizing?

    Such a size is typically surgery with the R15 blade, west highland white terrier, foxterrier and their mates (8-15 kg breeds). These challenges are solved by the new intermediate size, in addition it is "locking" with all the benefits of polyaxiality!

    It's not just good for TPLO: distal radius fracture, ileum fracture etc.

    Pre-order and more information: office @ smartvetimplants . com

  • 2,4 mm csavarok és új, köztes méretű TPLO lemez, szögstabil kivitelben. Nem is olyan ritka, mint gondolnánk! A héten 4 esetben is használtuk. 8-15 kg- os kutyák között több fajta is van, ahol gyakori az EKSZ. Ebben a méretben már nem igazán jó alternatíva az extrakapszuláris megoldás...

    TPLO implantátumok most már minden méretben, kompromisszumok nélkül!

    office @ smartvetimplants . com

    2.4 mm screws and new intermediate size locking, poliaxial TPLO plate...

    The size where it is needed, not as rare as we think! We used it in 4 cases last week. There are several breeds of dogs between 8 and 15 kg where the RCrCL is common. At this size, the extracapsular solution is no longer a good alternative ...

    TPLO implants are now available in all sizes, without compromise!

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