Designed With the TPLO in Mind

Designed With the TPLO in Mind

The Universal TPLO plate design for the average dog.

  • Bone fragment compression is supported at a 30 degree angle.
  • There is no need to store left and right plates because of the symmetrical design. The Universal TPLO plate cuts that inventory expense
  • The limited contact design improves perios teal circulation.
  • The space saving design helps to place the plate against jig pins for more ideal posi tioning and better fitting on smaller fragments.
  • Easy to contour while still strong up to a giant canine breeds
  • The low glare surface improves visibility in the operating theater and in addition researchers believe the matte surface supports low infection rates, improves re-colonization of the plate by the tissue cells before bacterial colonization.
  • Available in 3 different sizes for 2.0, 2,7 and 3,5 mm screws
  • US Patent D700334 S1

Improving a Proven Design

The Universal TPLO plate was initially created to overcome some of the weaknesses of many other plates. Many others have a reverse configuration for the left and right leg which significantly impacts the economy of the procedure.

The Moon Shaped TPLO plates

This system is a proven design that has been tested in 3.5mm, 2.7mm, 2.0mm and 1.5mm for many years. increased strength with thicker plate design increased stability with 7 screw holes

  • takes very little contouring
  • designed with limited contact for better periosteal circulation
  • dynamic compression holes for increased bone compression
  • proper fit for large dogs

Refined Dimensioning

The specific shaping of the Universal Plate is the most innovative aspect of its design. A unique compact head geometry arms the surgeon with the versatility needed for rare and challenging cases.

  • Designed in
    California, USA
  • Made in
The Moon Shaped TPLO plates
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