Locking Plates

The next level in versatility the universal locking system

Custom screw choice

Use any screw with any plate
  • Increase strength when needed
  • Rescue stripped bone
  • Better accommodate comminuted fractures and small bone fragments
  • Better avoid joints, pins & fracture lines
Locking Plates

Different core diameter, same head diameter

All ULS locking screws have equivalent head diameter and thus can be used with any locking plate. This permits the variation of multiple screw core diameters on a single plate while preserving full locking functionality.
Surgeons can choose to increase core diameter to maximize shear and bending strength when more bone is available as well as decrease core diameter to lock small bone fragments into place. Additionally, surgeons can now rescue stripped bone by increasing screw size.

Align bone & optimize compression

The ULS locking hole is also engineered to exhibit superior mechanical performance for stability with the application of AO cortical screws and AO cancellous screws.

This dynamic design flexibility allows surgeons to better control load distribution and alignment of fixation for locking systems by 'pulling' bone into place before securing position with locking screws.

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