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Animal Clinic of Nyíregyháza

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The leading surgical center of north-eastern region of Hungary with a 24-people team including 10 veterinarians. In additional to general animal health care services the clinic is focused on traumatology, orthopedic and neurology disorders under the leadership of Dr. Pelle György, head of clinic.

Dr Pelle has been developing, testing and distributing bone surgery implants and its instruments for more than 20 years while representing the Hungarian Medimetál and the American Veterinaryimplantsdirect companies. Our implants designed in the USA, made of German stainless steal (X2CrNiMo18-15-3) manufactured in Hungary. The clinic also distributes Neo-K9, a dog food supplement used in post-treatment of bone surgery.

Animal Clinic of Nyíregyháza

Animal Clinic of Nyíregyháza
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Dr. Pelle György +36-20-973-9139
Szabó Béla +36-30-250-8067

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